Michael Arcadi

Game Designer

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Local Network

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Local Network was made in about 1 week for a Secret Bitsy Jam. Players take control of an avatar as they explore their local network and look for secret areas hidden throughout. The biggest challenge I faced when during development was trying to implement a mechanic to reflect the theme of the jam. Bitsy is a minimalist game engine and has very few features that only really allow the player to move and speak with NPCs. Eventually I came up with the idea of finding invisible pathways as the mechanic where the player would run into walls trying to find secrets, much like in Megaman Battle Network. You can play it here.

  • Designed game based around my memoires of finding secret pathways in Megaman Battle Network.
  • Created all art using Bitsy's in engine sprite editor.
  • Built over 25 interconnecting rooms which the player can discover and explore with 24 unique characters to talk to and interact with.
Tools & Resources:
  • The game was made entirely in Bitsy, a minimal in-browser game engine.
  • Title image made in Photoshop.

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