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Game Designer

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Cult Classic

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Cult Classic is a multiplayer sacrifice-em-up where you fight to be the first to sacrifice your friends. Made in 72 hours as an entry into Ludum Dare 40 with the theme of "The More You Have The Worse It Is" where it placed in every category that it was entered for. With this project I didn't come on to the team until midway through development, and was tasked with helping build features around existing systems. In order to work with what was already there, I tried to keep any additions I made separate and modular to avoid any complications with the underlying structure.You can download it here.

  • Responsible for ritual transformation logic and UI elements.
  • Implemented player death and revive logic.
  • Worked on knife pickup and respawn.

Tools & Resources:
  • Made in Unity
  • Music is Qualms of Conscience by Diablo Swing Orchestra

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