Michael Arcadi

Game Designer

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Hello There

Glad you could make it! Would you fancy some tea? I'm afraid I only have black, so you'll have to make do.

How do you do? I'm Michael. I make video games from Toronto. Right now I'm a student at Sheridan College, learning how to make better games.

If you're here that probably means that you want to see some of them. I'm sure you must have seen a few of them on your way in, and you can always find more on my itch page.


Hmn? Oh that? Well, I wasn't going to bring it up, but I won gold in the 2016 GDC Game Narrative Review competition. If you're interested you can find my winning paper here, but I must warn you it is a bit of a read.

Well I must say it has been lovely chatting with you, but I understand that you are a very busy person and I won't keep you any longer than I must. This has been fun though, please do drop by again some time won't you?

Always a pleasure,

Michael Arcadi

yay video games